last mile infrastructure

ARRA Networks’ plug and play infrastructure platform dramatically reduces the cost of delivering broadband to new areas. The decentralized platform is a complete solution with built in billing, automated network management and regulatory compliance.

Where fiber ends, ARRA begins

Half the worlds population has no internet because it’s too expensive to lay fiber. Now you can keep going with decentralized wireless infrastructure.

New innovations
have changed the game

Blockchain technology is used to enable distributed command and control architecture across ARRA’s decentralized network protocol. Blockchain solves the problem of maintaining trust, provenance & reliability across disparate data systems which may or may not be available at any given time.

Never before has it been possible to build an autonomous networking platform because of these issues. Blockchain not only allows these problems to be solved, but it also creates new business model opportunities such as micro auctions at the edge, incentivized networking, and decentralized edge cloud computing. In sum, blockchain allows for each of the critical elements needed to build a next-generation decentralized networking protocol.

Low cost, rural 5G for the home

Plug & Play

Arra routers self configure, self manage and even cooperate to handle load balancing needs during ever changing network conditions.


The units just work. They scale well because they're decentralized. They self-heal, re-route and switch frequencies as needed.

Low cost

Arra's low cost price innovation is a game changer. High end communications electronics can now be shipped at consumer prices.


Built in business rules take much of the management burden off of the operator and turns routers into an internet vending machine.

Built-in management suite

Network monitoring

ARRA's NMS suite provides a comprehensive dashboard view with outage alerts, drill down performance monitoring and support for standard SNMP protocol recognition of non ARRA routers.

Integrated billing

ARRA routers have built in billing and taxation compliance for most regions around the world. Customers pay their router for service like a vending machine. Paid hotspot functionality is also a built in option.

Business automation

For recurring billing customers, a full automation suite of processes such as billing, suspensions & invoice generation are included. Automation dramatically reduces operational expenses.


Network monitoring

New markets are now open for business